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There are more than three hundred night markets in Taiwan. In this website, we will introduce one of the most popular tourist spots in Shilin Night Market,Taipei. It`s a place to enjoy all the fun of the traditional night market and to try out the various tasty snacks on offer.

Besides, we will provide more information, including Taiwanese snacks, attractions nearby Shilin Night Market, accommodations that you can stay in Taipei, and so on. Now we also have Chinese version website 夜市.org, enjoy!

“ Shihlin Night Market is rated #1 for all Taipei things to do !” - Yahoo Travel

Night Markets

These collections of street stalls, sidewalk vendors and small canteens are a major part of the Taiwanese social scene.

In Taiwan, night markets are known for its specialty xiaochi food items. Xiaochi translates broadly as "small eats" or snacks. Such foods are either served as carry-out or sometimes at small tables with stools for seating.

Specific foods will often change from year to year with passing fads and become characteristic snacks of Taiwan, such as oyster omelet, Taiwanese Fried Chicken Breast, and stinky tofu persist.

Not only is food served in night markets, but also a lot of products are sold. You can buy many inexpensive, high-quality products, such as clothing, shoes, accessories, toys, CDs and so on. In night markets, you can eat delicious Taiwanese cuisine and find marvels everywhere. You can experience special and memorable trips in Taiwan. Enjoy :)