Shilin Night Market

Located in Shilin district, Shilin is the largest night market in Taipei with easy and convenient transport net network. It is not only the favorite night market for the locals, but also a "must go" night market for overseas visitors when they have a trip in Taipei.

The Shilin Night Market cover some extensive areas, from the public Shilin markets temporary shed across the Jiantan MRT station. After sunset all shops and stalls start their business and crowds start to emerge into the market until midnight. Wide varieties of gourmet snacks provided here are what it is famous for. Some special delicacies that would definitely make you want to come back for more are Sausage Wrapped in Glutinous Rice, Oyster Omelet, Shilin Super Size Huge Chicken Cutlet and Bubble Tea, etc. These varieties of snacks are the main reasons for attracting loads of crowds.

Shilin Night Market covers the areas around Dadong Rd., Danan Rd., Wenlin Rd.,Jihe Shilin District.

Opening Hours:

Key Characteristics:
Gourmet Snacks, Clothing, General Merchandises, and so on.

How to get there?

Two kinds of public transportation to go to Shilin Night Market:
1. Taipei Metro: Take MRT and alight at Jiantan Station, then turn left to Wenlin Road. To find the more information about MRT, go to: Taipei Rapid Transit
2. Bus: You can take buses to go to there. The buses are No. 203,216,217,218,224, 266,269,277,280,208,310,RED 17, RED9, RED30(Jiantan Mrt Stop)
To find the more information, you can go to:
Taipei Bus and Transportation Information System