What to eat in Night Market

Tasty Taiwanese Snacks for Culture Vulture

Taiwan's best-known snacks are present in the night markets, where street vendors sell a variety of different foods, from finger foods, drinks, sweets, to sit-down dishes. In Shilin night market, one can also find fried chicken fillet, oyster-filled omelets, refreshing fruit ices, and much more. (Click the pictures to see more details)

Oyster-filled Omelet

Stinky tofu

Oyster Vermicelli

Shilin Super Size Huge Chicken Cutlet

Pearl milk Tea or Bubble Tea

Wok-fried Squid

Health spareribs soup with Chinese medicine

Mango Ice

Fried Buns

Small sausage in Glutinous Rice

Bun in a Bun

Snow Flakes Crushed Ice