Famous Taiwanese Snacks

You can find in Shilin Night Market:

Oyster-filled Omelet
The egg is added putting the mark to the water of flour with the debt by the ke child stir-frying (oyster omelet). The light that puts all of the vegetable etc. at the ke child end, completes, and puts some sauce on further that becomes very delicious.

Stinky tofu
臭豆腐(Chou Dofu)
Stinky tofu is a form of fermented tofu, which, as the name suggests, has a strong odor. It is put that the pan is painted with the fermenting bean curd and Nateki explodes, and knows the smelly tofu that completes the appearance in which pickles afterwards, with acidity with a good mouth hit are superadded and I am seen to be a very delicious.

Oyster Vermicelli
蚵仔麵線(o-a mi-soa)
Street vandors expertly combine handmade vermicelli with a variety of seasoned ingredients, such as slow-cooked pork-tripe and fresh oyster. Its great favor is the use of seep-fried minced shallots.

Shilin Super Size Huge Chicken Cutlet
豪大炸雞排(Ho-Da Ja-Ji-Pai)
Shilin Super Size Huge Chicken Cutlet is one of the most popular street foods in Taiwan. However, this snack at Shilin Night Market is famous for its jumbo size. It is 1.5 times larger than regular friend chicken; perhaps larger than your face. Taiwanese fried chicken is soaked in special sauce before frying, and its taste is mixed with spicy pepper and aromatic herbals, and the meat quality is tender and juicy; it is of its own kind other from common western style fried chicken.

Bubble Tea
Pearl milk Tea originated from Taichung, Taiwan. It is a special beverage in Taiwan. The famous tea drink is made from little tapioca balls that are boiled in black sugar and dropped in the milk tea, which tastes great served cold or hot.

Wok-fried Squid
生炒花枝(Sheng Chao Hua Zhi)
Fresh squid is sliced and then wok-fried with garlic, red pepper, bamboo shoot slices, and carrots, and boiled with stock soup to make thick soup. Tasted somewhat sour with sweetness and aroma of basil; it opens up appetite. Squid itself has no distinct flavor, but the crisp chewing makes it one of the most popular seafood among Taiwanese people.

Health spareribs soup with Chinese medicine
藥燉排骨(Yao Dun Pai Gu)
Taiwanese like to maintain health with health enhancing diets, and the herbal stew of ribs is the most classic and affordable nutrient gourmet dish. Its stock soup includes more than ten varieties of Chinese herbal medicines that are stewed for 3 to 4 hours before used for boiling fresh pork ribs. Its dark appearance may look deterring, but after pork ribs are boiled to soft with flavors are brought out, the soup tastes light and sweet with unique aromatic scent of herbals.

Mango Ice
Mangos are among the tastiest fruits you can enjoy in Taiwan. While just eating the succulent sweet flesh is a great pleasure in itself, the experience becomes even more pleasurable when fresh mango is combined with ice cream or condensed milk atop shaved ice. In recent years mango ice has become extremely popular in Taiwan.

Fried Buns
生煎包(sheng jian bao)
These delicacies come with either a vegetable filling of cabbage and mushrooms or a meat filling of pork and scallions. As the patiently waiting customers like to note, “You haven’t been to Shi Lin Night Market if you haven’t had Shanghai buns.” But be careful when biting a freshly-cooked bun, lest you get burned by the hot juice inside.

Sausage Wrappened in Glutinous Rice
A segment of Taiwanese pork sausage is wrapped in a (slightly bigger and fatter) glutinous rice to make this delicacy, usually served chargrilled. It may be compared to a hot dog. Deluxe versions are available in night markets in Taiwan, with condiments such as pickled bokchoi, garlic, and thick soy sauce paste to complement the taste.

Bun in a Bun
大餅包小餅(Da Bing Bao Xiao Bing)
This snack is recommended by many foreign tourists. Wrapped under handmade flour crust is a crispy, smaller fried cake that comes with optional fillings including bean paste, taro, sesame, curry, and chilly. It tastes totally different from western style desserts, and is one of the most famous key signature snacks. You may find Bun in a Bun stall in the Shilin Night Market.

Snow Flakes Crushed Ice
雪花冰(Xue Hua Bin)
Snow Flake Crushed Ice looks like layers and layers of snow flakes. It is a unique ice block with mixtures of flavors of milk, peanuts, coffee, and others, machine-chopped to beautiful layers of snow flakes; stacked up to more than 3 inches on a plate.